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About Ida De Vincenzo

My history is similar to many Calabrese immigrant women. I was born in Cropolati, a small village in Calabria, a region in the South of Italy.

My village is in the mountains and it seems to have been taken out of a tale. One can enjoy beautiful views from any place you are there.

I was born after the 2nd World War had finished, my father had been fighting in the war and we were suffering the consequences. That is why; when I was two years old we emigrated to Argentina.

Although the years went by my parents always kept the same theme of conversation at home. They talked about their far-away land, the homesick they felt for it, the relatives left there and about everything with regard to a Calabrese family. Consequently, I was always aware of my roots, so the Italian language and Italian culture have been of great importance in my life.

After fifty years I was able to go back to my village, meet my far-away relatives and receive their affection.

I was moved by the beauty of the landscapes of a world that now I recognize as my own, it was as if I had been born again. I was able to make yesterday and today meet. I like to call it my second home because both Italy and Argentina are in my heart.

Some years ago I happened to get closer to painting; this art links with the soul and, without seeking it, the discovery of painting turned into a cry that came up from my inner depth and began to be reflected in colours and recovered experiences.
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Cropalati Mi País, mi nostalgia

Serie de obras que le ha valido a Ida De Vincenzo reconocimiento en Argentina e Italia.




Además de la pintura, Ida de Vincenzo se ha dedicado a la fotografía con gran reconocimiento y aceptación.